DEMSEE 2007 : deregulated electricity market issues in South - Eastern Europe, September 2
Yayın Yılı:2007

It is true that Electricity is a pillar for our present Civilization and Culture. One shouldalso recognize that Electricity is the finest useable form of Energy and therefore themost precious. Deregulation of Electricity Markets aims ultimately to make almosteveryone responsible for the way electricity is generated, distributed and used. It aimsto let fair market rules result in a Market Operation that will advance this sense ofresponsibility for everybody. This is particularly important in view of the presentdelicate state of the Environment which should for Humanity’s sake be preserved, atall costs. And indeed, we are lucky in the sense that the current InformationTechnologies and Information and Communication Technology will allow us to live upto our responsibilities concerning rational electricity usage as well as the preservationof the environment. However, a strong, wide and lasting commitment is necessary, i.e.political will by every nation, to achieve progress with respect of t

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